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KJJR Programs

The Rush Limbaugh Show

Outspoken and ultra-conservative!
15 million listeners can’t be wrong!
Listen to talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh,
weekdays 10am-1pm live and
Saturdays 11am-2pm on KJJR.

E-Mail Rush -- Website

The Sean Hannity Show

Known for his provocative style, Sean is
one of radio’s most popular personalities!
Named "Talk Show Host of the Year,"
Listen to Sean Hannity, weekdays
1pm-4pm live and Saturdays 5pm-8pm on KJJR.

E-Mail Sean -- Website

The Laura Ingraham Show

Smart political talk isn’t just for the boys
anymore! Always articulate and entertaining,
"The Laura Ingraham Show" has been addicting
legions of listeners since 2001. Listen to
Laura Ingraham weekday mornings 7am-9am live on KJJR.

E-Mail Laura Ingraham -- Website

Michael Savage

Explosive conservative talk show host
Michael Savage continues to dominate the
airwaves with his brash commentary and
unapologetic solutions. Listen to Michael
Savage, weekdays 7pm-10pm live on KJJR.

E-Mail Michael -- Website

Mark Levin

Mark Levin is one of America's preeminent conservative commentators and constitutional lawyers. He's in great demand as a political and legal commentator, and has appeared on hundreds of television and radio programs. Levin is also a contributing editor for National Review Online, and writes frequently for other publications. Levin has served as a top advisor to several members of President Ronald Reagan's Cabinet - including as Chief of Staff to the Attorney General of the United States. Listen to Mark Levin weekdays 4pm-7pm live on KJJR.

E-Mail Mark -- Website

Dennis Miller

Dennis Miller
The Dennis Miller Show features five-time Emmy award winner and four-time Writers' Guild award winner, Dennis Miller delivering his unique take on the day's topics with comedy and satire. The daily 3-hour talk show also features Miller taking listener calls, as well as interviewing high-profile special guests. Listen to Dennis Miller weekdays 10pm-1am on KJJR.

E-Mail Dennis -- Website

Michael Gallagher

Talkers Magazine ranks Mike Gallagher
the 8th most influential talk host in America!

Listen to Michael Gallagher Sundays
11am-2pm on KJJR.

E-Mail Michael -- Website

Michael Medved

Michael Medved is a nationally syndicated radio
host, best-selling author, and veteran film critic.

Listen to Michael Medved weekends on KJJR.

E-Mail Michael -- Website

The Kim Komando Show

Kim Komando hosts a Saturday show centering
around computers, the Internet and technology.

Listen to Kim Saturday, 8am-11am live on KJJR

Read Kim’s Blog -- Website

Money Talk with Bob Brinker

Bob Brinker has more than twenty five years of investment management experience!
Listen to Bob Brinker Sunday,
2pm-5pm live on KJJR


The Dave Ramsey Show

Dave Ramsey the voice of financial wisdom
in today’s debt-ridden society!

Listen to Dave Ramsey weeknights 10pm-1am and Saturday nights,
8pm-11pm on KJJR.

E-Mail Dave Ramsey -- Website

The Fox Buisness Report

Neil Cavuto’s keen knowledge of the business
and financial world combined with his
broadcasting style creates the number one
business newscast in the country,
The Fox Buisness Report.

E-Mail Neil Cavuto

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