Mitt Romney's Most Unforgivable Betrayal Yet

    The Charlie Kirk Show

    Tuesday, April 5, 2022 - 32 minutes

    With the looming confirmation of Joe Biden's radical, activist nominee, Ketanji Brown-Jackson, to the Supreme Court, one of the GOP's most egregious RINOS makes an unfathomable move, alongside two other usual suspects. Charlie unpacks the nonsensical motivations and lays out the implications for the future of the republic following this turncoat behavior. Next, he walks through a story out of his hometown of Chicago where a church gives up something shockingly racist for Lent. Next, in this grab-bag Tuesday episode of The Charlie Kirk Show—Charlie gives a run down on a story of a nurse who was let go from her job after blowing the whistle on a secret grooming operation for preteen kids in Connecticut. And finally, Charlie unpacks the resurgence of Tony Fauci and his breed of "Crisis-Hunters" as they usher back in the age of COVID in America. 


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