Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 2/15/22

    Mark Levin Show

    Tuesday, February 15th, 2022 - 1 hour 56 minutes

    On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, the moniker "American Marxism" goes well beyond the book of the same title, it's about calling out Americans who embrace Marxism. This phrase is critical to succinctly highlighting the problem facing our country. Patriots understand the need for competition in the marketplace of ideas and censorship from platforms and corporatists. Then, Thomas Jefferson spoke about the Tyranny of Institutions, and this is exactly what citizens in America and Canada face with the weaponization of national security agencies going after parents and truckers that peacefully speak out against policies that they disagree with. Prime Minister Trudeau's edict to use government power to force tow truck drivers to haul away tractor trailers that are parked in protest of Canada's vaccine mandate on truck drivers. Later, former Ambassador and National Security Advisor, Ric Grenell, calls in to explain how the American Marxists in the media are part of the ruling class and that’s are why they won't cover the bombshell news that the White House was spied on during President Trump's tenure. Grenell added that the intelligence agencies had to know that Trump was being surveilled up to and including a phone call with a foreign leader. Afterward, Dave McCormick a candidate for the US Senate in Pennsylvania calls in to share his vision for the Commonwealth. A veteran and businessman that wants to fight back against inflation, crime, and fentanyl pouring through our borders.

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