Elon Takes Over Twitter—What It Means for America

    The Charlie Kirk Show

    Monday, April 4th, 2022 - 35 minutes

    With Charlie still banned from Twitter— alongside The Babylon Bee, Tucker Carlson, and Donald Trump, among others— and following weeks of solidarity & protest from the Conservative Movement, a new development has shaken the Twitttersphere, sending tech tyrants scrambling. We're talking of course about the colossal development that saw the world's wealthiest man purchasing a 9.2% share in the maligned tech platform, becoming its largest shareholder. Charlie unpacks the apparent motivations behind Elon's latest move and what exactly means for those who are currently censored, shadow-banned, or cancelled and how it may impact the national debate surrounding our First Amendment rights in a truly foundational way. He also highlights a deeper point centered around Elon's purchase and how it may signal the rise of a new class of Pro-America elites who are willing to exchange their fortunes in return for societal good— a refreshing and welcome change from the likes of Gates, Bezos, and the rest. 


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