Ending Sexual Indoctrination and Exposing Infanticide with Lila Rose

    The Charlie Kirk Show

    Tuesday, April 12th, 2022 - 35 minutes

    The left is waging an all-out assault on innocence and they’re aggressively targeting America’s most vulnerable class: our children. First, Charlie walks through some truly disturbing and uncomfortable content being employed in thousands of elementary and middle school classrooms across the nation, all emanating from a site called “Amaze.org.” The project is backed by groups like Planned Parenthood and the ‘Feminist Majority’ and the graphic, animated clips are produced to appeal to children and yes—ultimately groom them into a generation of morally misguided sexual anarchists. Next, Charlie is joined by the Founder and CEO of Live Action, Lila Rose, to discuss an even more disturbing story out of Washington DC which saw 5 children described as fully-developed human beings turn up “aborted,” their lifeless bodies discovered in the home of a pro-abortion activist. She walks through the sinister details and gives marching orders for how conservatives everywhere can join Lila and her incredible organization in fighting for #JusticeForThe5. 


    Support the important work being done by Lila and her team to protect innocent life at LiveAction.org 


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